Our animal hospital team in Bradenton

Our Team

Bayshore Animal Hospital’s experienced support staff strive to provide personalized, compassionate care for our patients and clients alike.

Reception Department

Pamela Fuente - Lead CSR

Pamela Suzan, Lead CSR at Bradenton Animal HospitalPamela is our lead CSR. She has been working at BAH for over 10 years. She keeps our client’s in stitches with her wonderful sense of humor. Her dog Ma-nee is a sharp dresser. They spend their down time at the pool soaking up the rays.

Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray, Receptionist at Bradenton Animal HospitalLynne started working at BAH on July 2nd of 2015 as a CSR. She and her husband and cats relocated from Brandon, FL to Bradenton, FL. Lynne had worked at a veterinary clinic in Valrico, FL for 10 years. Lynne and her husband Rick have 2 cats, Dasher (a gray Tabby) and L. T. (Long Tail an orange Tabby). Over the years Lynne and Rick have had other cats, a dog and many horses. Lynne showed in the Hunter/Jumper division for 30 years in NY State. She was horse crazy from the time her parents put her on a pony at the age of 2! Lynne and Rick also had thoroughbred race horses for 10 years, racing in both NY State and Canada. Lynne and her husband moved from NY to FL in 2003. After many years of “dressing up” for work Lynne decided she wanted a change. While settling in, in the Brandon/Valrico area she spotted a sign for help wanted at a veterinary clinic and is very glad she did. Now she is very happy to be a part of the BAH team.

Tammy Lannigan

Tammy Lannigan, Receptionist at Bradenton Animal HospitalTammy started at Bayshore in September 2017. She is married and has a teenage daughter. Prior to moving to Florida in 2011 she lived in New York. She was the Assistant Director of Therapeutic Recreation in a 231 bed nursing home. Tammy is currently taking online courses to obtain her bachelor’s degree. She has always loved animals and fits right in with the rest of our team.

Rose Robison

Rose Robinson, Receptionist at Bradenton Animal HospitalRose, started at BAH in July 1985 as a CSR, but is now semi-retired. Rose does a wonderful job of decorating our reception area for all the many seasons and holidays. Rose is married to Jim, a wonderful husband, father and grandpa! Rose and Jim have 3 beautiful daughters and 7 grandchildren. Her family also includes 2 Pugs and 8 birds. She loves gardening, often lifting bags and bags of mulch and soil, decorating their home, watching the sunsets on the beach with her husband Jim and spending lots of time with her adored grandchildren.

Veterinary Technician Department

Sherry Hines, C.V.T. - Lead Tech

Sherry Hines, Lead CVT at Bradenton Animal HospitalSherry started at BAH in 1992. Sherry is an invaluable asset to BAH. We would be “bumper cars” without her leadership and knowledge! Sherry comes to us from Michigan – Dowagiac, MI to be exact and her parents are both still residing there. Sherry has two sisters, both younger, with one living in north Florida and the other in Michigan. When she eventually made her way to Florida, Sherry came to work at BAH in our Kennel Department but, alas, she was so talented there that she attended and graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at St. Petersburg Junior College and became a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician). The CVT title indicates huge preparation and commitment to the field of veterinary medicine. Sherry is our Head Technician – that means that she oversees and supervises the department as well as performing the many tasks required of a veterinary technician: assisting in surgery, running and interpreting numerous types of lab tests, monitoring anesthesia for animals, dentals, assisting the doctors with hospitalized animals, maintaining medical records, filling prescriptions and many, many more duties. Sherry lives with her cat Rhoda and her dog Ali. When Sherry breaks away from BAH she’ll find the time to camp, hike, kayak, and bike – she loves the outdoors. If weather keeps her from those things she likes to read and paint.

Linda Sullivan, C.V.T

Linda Sullivan, CVT at Bradenton Animal HospitalLinda is a CVT (Certified Vet Technician) and has been with BAH since 2005 (starting as a Kennel Tech). She was born right here in Bradenton, FL! Not only that but she graduated just around the corner from Bayshore High School. She attended Manatee Community College (now State College of Florida) before attending St. Petersburg College for Veterinary Technology. Linda has been married to her wonderful husband, Dan, since 2009 and now has 2 amazing little boys to keep up with. She has a love for mostly dogs, but a high interest in all animals. Her animal family is made up of 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and a Dachshund, as well as a tank full of freshwater fish. Linda is a valued member of BAH. As a CVT she is responsible for all tests and treatments for the animals. She performs x-rays, anesthesia, bloodwork, and lab work, tech appointments which include nail trims, anal gland expression, bandages changes, suture removals, ear crop treatments and so much more. She has a secret love for behavior modification and is willing to talk to clients about any questions they may have. Being a Certified Technician requires her to take continuing education classes, allowing her to continue to improve her knowledge every year. We look forward to many more years with Linda as a part of this wonderful team.

Veterinary Assistant Department

Kelly Day - Veterinary Assistant/Assistant Manager

Kelly Day, Veterinary Assistant/Assistant Manager at Bradenton Animal HospitalKelly grew up right here in Bradenton, Florida. She has been at BAH for over 10 years. She has 6 pets of her own. 2 dogs, 3 cats and a feisty parrot.

Debra Lindsey - Veterinary Assistant

Debra Lindsey, Veterinary Assistant at Bradenton Animal HospitalDebra is one of our vet assistants. She has been an animal advocate for many years. After many adventures in teaching, photojournalism and care giving, she is back to the animals. We are so happy to have her back for the past 6 years. Debra has 2 dogs and 3 cats. Her dog Diamond, a greyhound, is her constant companion. Taz, a cairn terrier, keeps her household buzzing. Daisy, the kitty matriarch, Katherine Hepburn and Tazmania (a BAH adoption) are her cats of distinction. Debra is a real joy to work with, always upbeat.

Caryn Potter - Veterinary Assistant

Caryn Potter, Veterinary Assistant at Bradenton Animal HospitalCaryn has worked at BAH since 2004. She is an invaluable member of our surgical team. She assists the doctors and technicians during your pet’s surgical procedures. We are happy she has remained part of our team for all these years.

Kennel Department

Crystal Bauer

Crystal, Kennel at Bradenton Animal HospitalCrystal started as a Kennel Tech at BAH in August 2016. She came to us from a small town in Indiana, where her parents still live. Her brother is active duty with the Army. Crystal has done 3 years of 4H for dog obedience and horses. She has three dogs, two cats, and one guinea pig. With her Australian Shepherds she competes in AKC and ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America). Crystal and her dogs compete in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, dock diving and herding.

Frankie Marrero

Frankie Marrero, Kennel at Bradenton Animal HospitalFrankie started as a Kennel Tech in 2014. Frankie graduated from Palmetto High School in 2015 and was an active participant in 4H. He currently attends SCF (State College of Florida), majoring in graphic design. Frankie also has a love for art and music. He was born in Stonybrook, NY but his parents then moved to FL. Frankie has always had a passion and love for animals, making him a great addition to BAH.

Mary Scott

Mary Scott, Kennel at Bradenton Animal HospitalMary is an invaluable part of BAH. She is the Kennel Supervisor and has been with the hospital since July 1988. Born in Sarasota, FL, Mary has had animals all of her life. Watching Mary around all the animals here at BAH (both domestic and wildlife), shows you what a special and caring person she is and we’re glad she has stuck around as long as she has! Mary has 3 dogs, 1 cat and a bird.

Page Watkins

Page Watkins, Kennel at Bradenton Animal HospitalPage started as a Kennel Tech at BAH in July of 2015. She was born in Manatee County and graduated from Palmetto High School. Page says she has always had a love for animals and was raised on a farm with many different kinds of animals. Wildlife is her passion which makes her a great fit for BAH as we take in wildlife every day. She has 11 animals at home. Page also shares her home with her significant other, Barry and their 4 children.

Entertainment Department


DOK, Entertainer at Bradenton Animal HospitalDOK is our Big Blue Bird – a Hyacinth Macaw – who is pretty much our BAH Mascot. He is a beautiful bird but he can sometimes be Dennis the Menace. He recently turned 20 years old and will likely live to be 80 to 100 years old! DOK believes that Pam D. is his mother and that Dr. Mossler is his father … he probably has no idea that he is feathered and they are not! The largest of all parrots, the Hyacinth Macaw is a species that grows up to 40 inches long and weighs around 2½ pounds. Hyacinths are playful, intelligent, and avid chewers. They love puzzling toys, interlocking toys, or toys with surprise treats that have to be extracted. Hyacinth numbers in the wild are decreasing, and their status is rare to endangered. Recent population studies estimate the number of Hyacinth Macaws in the wild to be between 4,000 to 6,000. Breeding them is very difficult. We love our Dokie – especially on the days when he stays out of trouble!


Rudi, Entertainer at Bradenton Animal HospitalRudy is an African Grey parrot who lives at BAH. He's a good bird and makes lots of sounds. Rudy came to us with his beak almost entirely broken off. After numerous beak prosthesis's and superior care by Dr. Mossler and the BAH staff, Rudy's beak has grown to a level where it is now functional. The African Grey parrot has a wonderful character, a combination of intelligence and charm. African Grey parrots have been kept as pets for over 4000 years. The Egyptians are thought to be the first to keep the African Grey parrot as pets, as depicted in their hieroglyphics. The Greeks also highly valued the African Grey parrot as pets, as did the Romans who kept these intelligent birds in highly ornate cages. Rudy likes to spend time helping the receptionists and is a real lover, who loves to kiss!